Business Health

Our clients ask us to help them answer some of these specific business health questions and through the use of our Housing Performance Insights database, we are able to address them.

Business health rate of change

You can compare your average rate of change during the last six years with your peer group and the sector.

  • Average Change

How financially Healthy have we been vs our peers vs the sector now and in the next two years?

Our clients are often surprised by the possibilities we present to them; by thinking outside the box we present exciting new ventures:

  • Which of my peers and sector has performed the best and worst?
  • Is our Business l Heath improving at the rate as our peers and the sector?
  • How volatile has our Financial performance been vs peers vs sector?
  • Which of my peers and sector has performed the best and worst?
  • Which of my key Financial KPI’s has performed better /worse than my peers than the sector?
  • Which of my finance KPIs has improved/deteriorated over the past 6 years?

Business Health Rating

The way we address some of these questions is through our business health tracker – which is based on a weighting of 12 key Financial KPI’s. ( as devised by Moody’s & Sector Scorecard)

See example plot of one of our clients which includes a two-year prediction. You will see that in this instance our client Business Health is below its peers and is showing a deteriorating rate of improvement

Business Health Tracker

  • Sector
  • Client
  • Peer Group