Overall Performance

Our clients ask us to help them answer some of these specific overall performance questions and through the use of our Housing Performance Insights database, we are able to address them.

  • In overall financial/cost /VFM /staffing terms who are the best performing RPs in my peer group/sector?
  • Which RPs in my peers/ sector have improved overall the most?
  • Which KPI’s do I need to improve on to increase my overall rating?
  • For my profile type of association, what is the overall rate of improvement that I need to achieve?

IwP Overall Performance Rating

One of the ways that we address some of these questions is through our overall Business Rating methodology.

Using our Methalytics performance algorithm we rate each RP based on our four trackers ( Business Health/Cost Efficiency/VfM/Staff).

In the above graph, our client rating based on sixes years of performance data shows that in relation to the sector we have rated them a silver based on our longitudinal Platinum/Gold/Silver/Bronze performance rating system.

If you would like to find out how we rate the overall performance of your association contact us.