Staff Productivity

Our clients have been asking us to help them answer some of these specific productivity questions and through the use of our Housing Performance Insights database, we are able to address them.

  • How productive is my association?
  • Which of my peers and sector has the better or worst productivity?
  • Is the rate of productivity improvement better or worse than my peers/sector?
  • What is my return on employee vs peers vs sector?
  • How much am I paying my avg employee vs peers vs sector?
  • Is my spending on staff costs in line with my peers?

FTE per Unit

  • Client
  • Peer Group

The way we address some of these questions is through our Productivity Tracker –PT based on FTE/Staff Costs by units/income/surplus.

See example plot of one of our clients which includes 5 years historical and a two-year prediction.

You will see that in this instance our client Staff costs/ Unit is higher than its peers whereas its peers have shown a significant decline in staff costs and hence productivity

Staff Cost per Unit

  • Client
  • Peer Group