Value for money

Our clients have asked us to help them answer some of these specific Value for Money questions and through the use of our Housing Performance Insights database, we are able to address them.

  • Is my association delivering more or less VFM than my peers /sector now and in the next 2 years?
  • Which RP is delivered the best /worst VfM in my peer group /sector?
  • Is my VFM improving better/worse than my peers/sector?
  • Which RP is improving the best /worst VfM in my peer group /sector?
  • How do my RSH VFM KPI’s compare with peers/sector and which need greater improvement?

IwP VfM Tracker

  • Sector
  • Peer Group
  • Client

One of the ways that we address some of these questions is through our RSH VfM Tracker – VfMT. This is a rating of all the 7 VfM RSH metrics.

See example plot of one of our clients which includes 5 years historical and a two-year prediction. You will see that in this instance our clients VfM is below its peers and that its rate of VFM improvement has deteriorated much greater than its peers.