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• Strategic corporate performance targets are internally driven. Leading to possible performance lag.

• Measurement of strategic performance is based on a traditional- annual basis vs prior year. Provides little insight for future decision making.

• There is little or no forecast of the future performance of your peer group.

• Little knowledge on how to utilise analytics/AI to provide fresh insights to improve performance.

• Our database uses audited data,  this provides specific strategic improvement targets, based on objective impartial performance analysis. We identify other RP’s who have delivered similar improvements.

• We provide an 8-year performance analysis 5 years historical, 3 years predicted both for the RP and its chosen peers.

• Our analysis based on our Methalytics performance rating algorithm gives you a predicted 3-year performance of your peer group.

• We have a suite of analytics modules that we can use to identify strategic/operational insights. We also have the expertise to help you begin to utilise the capability provided by analytics/AI.

• Provides the board/exec team with a validated/ impartial set of feasible performance improvement targets.

• Provides insights regarding performance levels that have been achieved and whether that is predicted to continue. We show the level of performance volatility and thereby the level of control an RP  has on its performance.

• Provides exec team/board with the data that shows whether your performance is improving at the same rate as your peers.

• Enables decision making to be more data-driven as opposed to based on prior experience. Enables your RP to develop its own capability to utilise analytics/AI.

Organisations We Have Worked With

“I found this a very exciting proposition and you are targeting a marketplace that is ripe for a new approach” FD Midlands Based RP

“This is a very different approach to performance improvement which gave me fresh insights” FD Large Yorkshires based RP

ServicesWe have developed a unique performance improvement rating/tracking algorithm called Methalytics that is unique to our service. This means we are able to answer specific performance questions for example:

Business Health

How financially Healthy has my association been vs our peers vs the sector previously and in the next two years and what has been the rate of my improvement?

Cost Efficiency

How cost efficient has my association been vs our peers vs the sector previously and in the next two years and what has been the rate of my improvement?

Value For Money

Is my association delivering more or less VfM than my peers/sector previously and in the next two years and what has been the rate of my improvement?

Staff Productivity

How productive are the staff in my association vs our peers vs the sector previously and in the next two years and what has been the rate of my improvement?

Overall Performance

In overall financial/cost /VfM terms who are the best performing RPs in my peer group /sector and how do I compare?

VfM by RP Type

Our VFM tracker shows that LSVT appear to deliver overall more VFM than traditional RP’s and that the gap is widening.

The Benefits to you of using our Housing Performance Insights Approach.

Data Integrity & Peer Choice – our proprietary database of audited financial statements data incorporates> 300 associations & over 40 financial and operating KPI’s spanning 6 years

Cost Effective – our fees are significantly below current sector standard benchmarking providers, therefore, saving you money.

Simplified Performance Analysis – we are the only provider in the sector that provides both historical/future and rate of performance improvement trends

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Predictive Data-driven decisions based on our analytical performance algorithm Methalytics – which rates and tracks and then quantifies your association’s rate of improvement vs your peers vs the sector

3 reasons why RP's invest in IwP Analytics to help solve their performance measurement issues

1. Because their Corporate Target Setting was internally driven

Key issues

  • Their strategic corporate performance targets were internally set.
  • They were not a high performing organisation but aspired to be.
  • They did not compare to see if the rate of strategic improvements they were achieving/forecasting matched their peers/sector.
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2. Because they used Traditional Strategic/Operational Performance Monitoring systems

Key issues

  • Their peer group was based on geography and history, not performance or to make them look good.
  • They continued to measure their strategic performance on a traditional- annual basis vs prior year.
  • They didn’t forecast the future performance of their peer group.
  • They did not analyse whether historically they had been improving in relation to the new VFM KPI’s vs their Peers.
  • They had a Lack of financial awareness at board/executive level.
  • They used the same benchmark data providers as they always had with little/no fresh insight.
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3. Because they lacked the expertise in Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Key issues

  • They didn’t have a clear analytics /AI strategy or vision.
  • They didn’t know how to utilise analytics to provide new performance insights.
  • They did know how to use analytics but didn’t have the tools/expertise to do so.
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