our approach

What do we do?

We provide organisations with performance insights specifically designed to help them have a  better understanding of their health & performance, both currently and in the future, (as our service also provides predictions)  so you can make more informed strategic performance decisions.

We do this based on our unique analytical performance algorithm Methalytics – which rates and tracks and then quantifies your association’s, as well as 300 others, the rate of improvement vs your peers vs the sector.

Let us try and give you some examples:

  • We recently completed a project to help a large London based housing association to identify the costs savings it required to achieve a 30% improvement in its operating margin by 2020, and whether any other large association had delivered such an improvement.
  • A large RP that was in the process of merging utilised our peer performance review service, and we were able to identify £2.3m of saving to assist in delivering their business case.
  • For a large RP based in Yorkshire, we were able to factually demonstrate that its overall rate of improvement was falling significantly behind its peers by some 20%.


The Benefits to you from our service:  

By utilising our Housing Performance Analytics Database, which incorporates audited and validated data of over 300 housing associations and 45,000 individual performance data points, you can gain the following benefits:

Data Integrity & Peer Choice our proprietary database of audited financial statements data incorporates> 300 associations & over 40  financial and operating KPI’s spanning 6 years.

Cost Effective – our fees are significantly below current sector standard benchmarking providers, therefore, saving you money.

Simplified Performance Analysis we are the only provider in the sector that provides both historical/future and rate of performance improvement trends, against our four main trackers: Business Health,  Cost Efficiency, Value for Money, Staff Productivity

Predictive Data-driven decisions – based on our analytical performance algorithm Methalytics – which rates and tracks and then quantifies your association’s rate of improvement vs your peers vs the sector.

Strategic Performance Analytics

Strategic Financial Performance Insights – based on our financials/CPU/VFM/Productivity longitudinal predictive analysis

Operational Performance Analytics

Operational Performance Insights – our cost mappng approach & predictive analytics on our 4 performance axis, cost/finance/customer/operational KPI’s

Deep Dive Performance Analytics

Deep Dive Performance Insights / Foresight – based on our operational analytics modules, eg. arrears/R&M